About Me

Greetings Champions,


My name is Lonnie F. Ouzts, Jr.  I am a 48 year old male from


South Carolina working full time from home as an Internet Marketer.


I am now living my dream after 10+ years of struggling on the


internet just to make $1. But anyone with the desire for change,

internet access & basic computer skills can do it.


I am just a regular guy & have worked hard all my life, but I always had

a dream of being my own boss.


Working hard was a way of life for me but I knew it was leading me down

the road to nowhere.



My quest to live the American Dream!



I was working at a plant in greenwood SC called Grede



At first everything was going great & money was good!


I was a professional Snag Grinder working in production area.


This lasted about 7 years earning about $34,000 annually.


I was happy and life was GREAT!


Then 911 hit!


The Twin Towers was destoyed by planes in New York city

killing thousands & my world begin to change.


Shortly my security and dreams came to an unexpected end.


Everybody including big companies was starting to cut back on spending

and expensives and one of our shifts was in the danger of being layed off.


All (401k) matching bonuses was completely cut off.


My dad was in a bad accident, so I used my vacation time.


To make long story short.


I was unfairly dismissed after coming off that vacation.


Over 7 years of my life gone down the drain!



Years later,  I was hired at a poultry plant in batesburg-leesville sc.


I started in production for $6.18 an hour but worked my way up

years later.


I was promoted to Quality Control Department as a QA representative

working Slaughter Anti Microbial Monitoring Program, thanks

to Mr Christain Ouzts.


Christain was the creator and manager of the Hazard Plan in QA department

at that time, he was a well respected fair and honest man.


About 3 Years later I was move unexpectedly to working with USDA as

a QA representative.


I was up to $13 dollars an hour & life was looking ok.


This extra money helped me start to build business online part-time again after

numerous attempts in the past.


Newbie’s please Beware of All The CRAP information available online on how

to start and make money online!


I had BIG PLANS for the future!


I worked a total of 13+ years & later I was unfairly dismiss

again after coming off another vacation.


Now both terminations happen the same way but under

different circumstances.


Now that was CRAZY! Just like the movie FRIDAY. “How in the hell You get

FIRED on your Day off!”


But not just one time, but twice the same way!


Well I got news for you. It can happen!



WOW! Talking about “Déjà Vu” :0(



Both company managers waited for me to go on vacation & plan how I was

to be terminated.


Some people knew I was getting fired before I did and it all came

out after I lost my job.


Issues like that suppose to be kept private but that was the kind of enviroment

I worked in.


The people their LOVED gossip and telling on others to get promotions.


Yea, IT’S SAD! But TRUE.


All those years I wasted building someone else’s dream instead of my own.


As I look back, its funny to me now. :0)


They did me a favor!


My wife & family has given me support in my quest to be independent.


I my own boss.


I’m making money online & on my way to Total Financial Freedom.


I have to admit it’s not easy being your own boss but it sure beats the

hell out of wondering when your going to be terminated! :o)


Contact Me anytime if you have any questions about starting a

online business the easiest way possible.


If getting paid ever hour of the day, 7 days a week while you sleep or on

vacation sounds like something you would like to experience.


Click the button below for your FREE BONUS quick start!



Refusing to Lose,


Lonnie F Ouzts Jr
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